City of Round Rock with Taj Fashion Presents

Round Rock Diwali Festival

The Festival of Lights

Round Rock Diwali Festival is completely FREE for the community and to the participants. Our aim is to promote the Indian culture and small businesses in the area.
We can make this happen by generous support of our core sponsor 'Taj Fashion" and "City of Round Rock". We also get sponsorship from local businesses and vendors like you to keep this festival close to the community. If you are interested in setting up a booth at the festival, we offer space in simple fee structure:

You can still fill the form and we will let you know in case of any cancellations.

Answers to some FAQs:
a). This is outdoor event but location is surrounded by buildings. Stage in the center of arena.
b). We do not offer tent, table, chair or any other fixture. The fee you are paying is just for space.
c). There will be light but if you want to highlight your product, bring your own lights. Power outlets will be provided in shared basis.
d). We can't predict the future but last year we had close to 6000 people participated in the event. It had been huge success since last 6 years.

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