Taj Fashion with City of Round Rock, Presents

Round Rock Diwali Festival

The Festival of Lights


Round Rock Diwali Festival is non-profit, FREE event to the public. The returns of your investment will be multifold. Last year we had more than 5000 people attended the event. This year we expect way more. The rave reviews and love to the festival can be seen in media all over.
With help of City of Round Rock, we will reach out to more than 50,000 people with various channels of promotion. Your business will be advertised in the website www.rrdiwalifest.com for full year and will also find place in the Facebook event which is a coveted event in the community.

You will have options to put a banner in the event site and also on the stage.
Your business will be mentioned during performances. We are also giving option to announce some special topic about your business on the event.
Though the festival is related to culture of India, around 30% of crowd who attend the event is non-Indian. This gives broader exposure to your business.
Options $500 $300 $200 $150
Presence in social media and inclusion in website for a year X X X X
Space for keeping business flyers X X X
Announcement throughout the event about your business X X
10 x 10 space for showcasing business and distributing flyers X

More options

In-Kind sponsorship (directly sponsor the activities)

• Gift cards to the competition winners – Rangoli, Singing, Dance
• Videography and/or photography etc.

Special Sponsorship:

1. Your business can become platinum sponsor of the event. This spot is reserved for only one business. You get chance to present a gift on behalf of your business to the honorable guest and get a prominent spot to put your banner. ** For 2021 festival, this option is not available anymore. **

2. All above + Banner on the stage – Direct view of the audience, also gets into the pictures, videos taken - contact us for pricing